Thursday, January 22, 2009

killer thursday... and its my weekend night

all 4hrs it took me to complete all the paper work and reading i needed to get done before I can work my first shift.  But I am done.... and I am going to bed early, I have a long stressful weekend ahead.

113.3lbs, intake today wad under 700 calories, with 200 burned at the gym. I am really good about walking everyday for at least 30 mins, to campus and back, upstairs, around. I get in.

I am successfully slowly weaning myself from BPing, set limits and boundaries. I am going to try and cut myself off completely tomorrow. I have work now, and work will conflict my BP evening routine. I am hoping it will break the cycle for me. I need all the distractions I can get... and money to pay off all the bills I racked up through the vicious deed.

im just so glad the day is over. what a long day. teaching went well, I went to all my classes, and turned in my assignments, and heck smiling and laughed most of the day. I even got coffee with deanna.

OH and an egg donor contact person phoned me and said they were interested!

and im going to go to bed now, sleep tight everyone!

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  1. Congrats on slowly weaning yourself off B&P, its a nasty habit that geths the best of us. Good Luck for the weekend, stay strong!!