Wednesday, January 14, 2009

he over here again... and he was here last night. And I hate the little high pitch oh im trying to flirt and be funny voice he uses all the time.. and they guy I am referring to is the guy my sister told or so she says, I just want to be friends... grrhhhhh. Go somewhere else! Like his place for once. I dont like being trapped in my bedroom.

I really need money. Not a job, just money. I am in debt, and keep spending, and stealing. And its not a good path for me. So I keep stealing, and I need to stop. OR just be a better ana and fuck bulimia and dont eat. My purging is on the bright side getting my weight down. Pretty all the calories that go in, come out threw vomiting. Gross I know. But it gets the job down. I eat only 500 at most over the last week and I am down to 113lbs believe it or not. I dont, I think my scale is playing a joke on me. I need to buy another scale or B get new batteries and see if thats the weight I really am.


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