Tuesday, January 20, 2009


my sister hasn't said or mentioned anything to me

I think I got the job, shes going to call me after my last reference check comes in, and then I will sign the new hire papers, and then I start this weekend! yea! still no word on how much I will make, but I will be working like 24hrs each weekend (Fri Sat Sun 3pm-11pm)

Practicum went well today, cant believe I lost sleep over it being nervous. I run assessments tomorrow with the kids and start teaching on thursday.

Cameron is coming over to do laundry. I'm making dinner and hes bringing wine.... He better not try anything, and keep his thing in his pants.

thats all for now, I have to run to campus to print, talk to a prof... the one that knows about the ED, and make some photo copies so I can teach, and make a quick 300cal burn at the gym,

so far calories are at 545.

later gators

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  1. Have fun! Hope homeboy keeps his rocket in his pocket. :)