Monday, January 19, 2009


I forgot to flush the toilet after I puked in it before my shower. My sister saw it..... Do I talk to her about it? Wait till she approached me? shit..... my heart is racing. I think I should talk to her about it, she knows about the ED, but we never talk it. Probably would be best right? I dont know what to do, or what to say if I do talk to her. I cant just pretend that it didnt happen bc that would be just awkward, everything else in her and my life is already awkward. 

the other dilemma is she hasnt left the house yet. ANd I ate a donut and chocolate milk and I need to purge again. She needs to leave so I can go purge.. and I think she is delaying her departure on purpose.....

Ok I left on a note on her bed. 
I am sorry. I'm working on it. If you want to talk about it, find me. I am open to it. Really,  I'm sorry

... now I wait and see, shes gone now, dont know where.. but she is at least gone from the apartment. 


  1. That's so scary! I think you did the right thing though... Let us know how it works out

  2. Hella awkward! That's like my worst nightmare. Sorry dear.

  3. Thats what im always so so worried about, you did the right thing with the note though, and hopefully she does come to you, give you someone to help you, i wish i knew how to go to my sister to tell her about whats going on with me.. But i just dont think i could. Good luck

  4. meh thats pants... could you not have said you were ill? she'll be fine tho honestly