Saturday, January 17, 2009

its not raining in 86' ville

I did it. I asked my sister and her friend if I could join them tonight. And they said yes, theyd love me to tag along. Step 1: check. Step 2: Now I just have to follow through with it.

Im making soup for tonight in the slow cooker. Yum, but full of sodium..... ah, I hate that. And I am doing my best to calculate the calories before i eat it. 

And sun

And the sun is out, and shining, I think I have SAD. God I love the sunshine. I am going to get my articles to read, then find a place to sit and read. Still cold, but worth it. Maybe even go for a run. I have to wait for my stomach to settle, laxs are off and on this morning..


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  1. I used to think SAD was bull-honkey but I swear the other day I went outside in the sunshine for a bit and felt better. Have fun with your sis!