Friday, January 16, 2009


the scale is still holding that number

Ive already consumed 432 calories and its not even noon... this eating so I dont purge shit is hard.... I am getting ready to leave my apartment and go meet a couple friends for coffee. Two coffee dates in one day, im a lucky girl. Expensive, but worth it for the social aspect. Then I think I am going to do chores around the house and work out.  Just as long as I make it to the gym today, I will call the day successful. If I leave straight from starbucks, I should have at least an hour or so to workout before the gym closes. 

adios, for now. we all know Ill will blog later. I am officially addicted.

Goal: no purging this weekend, monday on my school day off I will buy a new pair of jeans, maybe size 0? aye

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