Sunday, January 25, 2009


FINALLY !!! a weight shift in the downwards direction

I am a smart eating disorder person. Or at least I do the best that I can, and I try to be. I want to be healthy. Thats my goal. I want to be the healthiest person I can. I get this body one time, only one life in it. So.... then am I contradiction? Because, common sense says... eating disorders arent healthy. But I can rationale the above in a million ways, from here the moon and back with free coffee and splenda.

I eat
I work out
I drink water
I eat enough protein, who cares if its not meat. Vegetarians are healthy people! 
I get the important vitamins and minerals in, I take supplements yes, but i strive for whole food approach. 

"whole foods? you eat fake meat, or weird veggie labeled diet food? arent they all processed, and full of weird, non natural, fake substances?
- Not all of the above is true, some yes. READ THE INGREDIENTS! Soy is natural... thats all on that. I will pick my battles...

Anyways, I do try and take care of myself. Eat enough, just not over due it and become obese. Workout for the mental benefits, and keep toned and strong. Lean as well.

So yes, I classify myself as a "smart" eating disorder person. I know when to stop, I am in control. I know what are eating disorder thoughts and behaviors, I can acknowledge and ignore. Better yet, I am a functional anorexic. Thats maybe a better choice for a descriptive word. Functional. 

I am a functional anorexic (or striving to be...  f mia)