Saturday, January 24, 2009

procrastination is motivation

still 113.3lbs.... for like a week now.

How many lbs can robin lose during her first week of work? I walk and am on my feet all time, moving and assisting people. I cam home yesterday absolutely starving. So tonight I ate a more sustainable meal and and bringing a dinner snack.

and lots of caffeine!

My first day on the job was alright. I was nervous, but i had a good time. The people I work with are nice enough, same with the residents. A lot to learn and remember but I am up for it.

so I am killing time before I hit work again and am not doing homework. I cant get motivated to do it. Which sucks, because their is so much on my list to do!

I have been staying under 1000 calories. Yay! Not working out. Boo. Getting along with people. Yay. Working. Yay. SO far today I havent binged. Yay. or Purge. Yay. 

My one limit. Work is purge free zone. No ifs and ors about it.

Talk with you gals, and guys! later...


  1. Yes, I too am on a plateau. SO FRUSTRATING!

    (By the way, making work a purge-free zone is a good idea. I once purged at a building at school and MY PROFESSOR WALKED IN. Awkward as doody.)

  2. Yay! Snaps for you