Sunday, January 18, 2009

you know how I know its going to be a good day???

a little secret:
scale says 112.5lbs! and the sun is out again! and I am up before noon today so I can go and enjoy it and not feel guilty about not doing my homework. Sweet, after breakfast I am hitting the trails for a 45min run, I think, my watch is broken (accidentally ran over it with the car... long story.. haha). My plan of attack is to check what time I leave and see it again when I get back, so I wont know how many miles, I dont care, calories, I dont care, I am just doing it for the love of the sport.

to put my weight loss into another perspective: over the last, say 35 days (Dec 6th ish) I have lost 12lbs.... whoot whoot
since Nov 1st, I have lost umm.... say like  18lbs? let me hear it.... whoot whoot

Today I am going to go to a couple gym classes, after homework of course. Through my bingeing and purging last night I simultaneously did homework, so I am ok in that department. Having a holiday tomorrow helps too!

You know how I know its going to be a good day?
Secret: all the good songs come on in a row on the radio, and the coffee is just right, same with the oatmeal

Another secret: everyday is a new day with no mistakes on it!... now, the key is to keep all this positive high spirit energy through out the day and to keep my safe from the evil ED Bp thoughts, no not thoughts, I cant control the thoughts. I just have to accept them as them, but just not act on them. I am control of my actions. Not ED

On that note, I did get up the courage to email my old therapist form intensive outpatient on recommendations for who to see in my college town. 

Advice for the day: Go outside and play today, do something fun that makes you smile and laugh. Dance to a good tune, watch a funny show with a good cup of joe, color. Do something for you.


  1. hello teeny tiny waist! well done on being happy with yourself and confident enough to post pics, even more well done for calling your therapist... that takes real strength.
    You are totally right about the caffeine, i was drinking tea like nobody's business to keep my head out of the fridge while chilling in the kitchen.
    love lulu x

  2. he,
    i love your block. im reading it for the last couple of days - and i like it :)

    you re on a good way. what you accomplished so far is amazing! congrats! i'm jealous...
    i think you are a pretty person, great pictures!

    i wish you a great holiday!
    keep it strong,
    <3/ leazi