Monday, January 12, 2009

feeling pretty dang good

so far..
My scale is out of batteries or I have worn it out. It hasnt been the most trustwothy these days, and besides I dont care what the scale said this morning (115.6lbs) becasue I ate little yesterday, didnt purge yesterday, and despite waking in the middle of the night hungry.. I didnt cave and eat. Also, so far today I have only consumed 700cals worked out, had a productive day with classes and studies and.... cheer... no purge! I am exhausted, and can starving, but I dont have a lot of homework tonight so I can hit the sheets early. I am going to have another long day on campus tomorrow so food wise I need to get in the kitchen and prepare. I am planning on attending water aerobics before i have classes in the wee early am of 6:30am, which means I leave my house around 6 which means I am up and drinking coffee at 5:45am! sheewsh! So I am going to be brief so I can get some Z's... I am feeling a ok.

Goal: 104lbs by spring break

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  1. yikes thats early! just stay motavated and you can def do it! then youll go to bed early anyway and thatll save you from just snacking around lol. have fun in the pool!!