Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Successes

Robin here: Reporting to you her success for the day. 114.5lbs this morning. Burned off around 400 cals, and ate way under 500 calories. Heres how. I  made my oatmeal breakfast, ate about half and saved the rest for tomorrow morning. And I slept in late so that wasted my day away and kept me from food. Spent the rest of the daylight in the library being a good girl and studying, then hit the gym for a bit. Came home, started laundry and ate my simply delicious low cal dinner. About 100cals of chicken baked with 40cals of asparagus, 40cals of mushrooms, and 35cals of yellow onion all baked together with lemon pepper on top and a little oregano.  And water, I have been drinking lots of water. Especially on the after days of a binge and purge. 

To stay purge free tonight to not ruin my great low intake day, I plan on showering, crunching, and then going to bed. If I get hungry there is 40cals of sugarfree jello in the fridge, along with some pickles and prunes. I am going to try and get at least another chapter read tonight, and then turn it in with a movie. Im thinking harry potter. My sister is home with a friend studying in the day room, which I will use to my advantage so that I cant binge and purge. I could always call my friend Amy. She reaffirmed tonight that she likes those calls, they make her feel needed and she likes supporting me. And I like talking to her, she has a knack of turning every time into a "we can laugh at this."

I took the time this weekend and typed up a schedule for the week. On it I have my classes, workout classes, and when to eat. I am going to stick to it the best I can and stay purge free. I need to stay focus on school obviously but cant let myself go sour. I want the weight loss, but not to be unhealthy and gross and disgusting by bingeing and purging. I know I am better then that. Days like today prove it. I love the feeling I get when I am on a starving high. And I love the feeling I get when things go my way, the way I planned it. And I am in control and on top of my game. Today has been one of those days. 

Another plus for the day, my mom agreed to pay the 40.00$ for the X pass at my student recreational center. Now I can take the different workout classes they offer. My hope is that not only will I work out, but I will be social too. 

Well I am off to go practice my sounds for the reading practicum I am in this quarter... and NOT purge

later gators

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  1. Congrats! You sound very happy. Good to hear.

    I think your plan for warding off hunger at night is a good one. I may join you.