Sunday, December 21, 2008

weight check 119.5lbs

shweesh... ok, weight is ok. Bm's are wonderful, and working out yesterday, and my snow walk helped tons. I might just have to go walk again just to get out of the house. Humm.... how many miles is it to starbucks?

what am I going to do about my school living agrrangements? I hate my roommate, and it happens to be my sister. I want out of it. Badly.

at least my street was plowed.
back to sewing, or cleaning, or crying and moping.

Have I mentioned how no one in my house is speaking to me? Not a good morning, hey how are you? Nothing. Nadda. And they are telling me that I am suppose to the acting like an adult. Well fuck them. My parents should act like adults.

all i do is cry, and keep quiet, cuz everytime i open my mouth it gets worse. and worse and worse


  1. I'm sorry... Family sucks. I hate how the holidays are so focused on family when that's not always a good thing.

    Feel better! Hope you sort out your living situation, as that seems sort of important.

    xo Hana

  2. Sorry 'bout your family. I live at home too and it's not always fun.

  3. Thanks gals! I feel better today, a lot better. A lot of cabin fever and being snowed in for three days had a lot to do with it!