Wednesday, December 24, 2008

losing weight, keep it coming!

but can I do it without purging to the new year? I might have to sacrifice the dieting to get the purging in control. When I am so focus on no calories in, its way to easy to convince myself to purge up everything.

And what the heck its christmas eve! Santa: all i want for christmas is to be loved by my family, and to not purge for the next two days. I can do two days... focus on that, then go from there.

Btw.. scale today 118.5, thats puts me with a BMI of 19 and body fat % around 18% I think. My scale tells me my body fat but I always add two percentages for the set height is at 5'7 and I'm 5'6. And I cant figure the darn thing out to switch to my height.

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