Friday, December 26, 2008


The mall this afternoon was insane trying to get even near it. I ran out to target, spent money I dont have. Oh well

YMCA today: 10mins trainer, 10 on treadmill X 2, 50 cals on the erg, and an arms weight set on the weight machines. total calories burned over 500

Today I ate roughly 1300 calories, typical for me on most days.
Tomorrow I am going to go to my apartment at school and figure out stuff up there. I cant even remember where most of my stuff is, if at school place or moms place, in garage or attic or somewhere in my black hole of a room. 
And the more stressed I get, my more I want and crave to binge.

Wow that guy on jeopardy is really smart. And hopefully I get to go snowboarding this sunday with the family. Fun in the snow burning calories.

Tata for now

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