Sunday, December 28, 2008

117lbs Todays Intake

6c coffee
1/2c nonfat steamed milk
Vitamins = 40cals

Luna bar Lemon Zest= 180cals
Asian pear= 110cals
2oz ham= 100cals

Blueberry Homemade Protein Shake: 350cals
3 tbs soy protein powder (130)
1/2c white vinegar (0)
1/4c lemon juice (0)
1/2c nonfat milk (40)
1c frozen unsweetened blueberries (80)
1 small banana  (100)

chicken stir fry: 350cals?????
1/2c cooked white rice
3oz chicken with sauce
1c cooked mixed veggies

3Tbs of uncooked white popcorn, in the airpopper- 140cals

64oz H20
Total: 1300 calories ish
Burned at ymca: 500, so net cals = 450
so 900 consumed


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