Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Morning

Besides being woken by hammering on the roof, I am ok. I weighed 120.5 on moms scale and 121.0 on my own. I took Mirolax yesterday, I think that cleared me out quite a bit... but my projected weight for Jan 3rd according to NutriMirror is 118lbs.

I DIDNT PURGE AT ALL yesterday, and my word it felt fabulous. Granted I restricted but hello! kudos for me. I have a holiday party to attend this evening, making me a little nervous but I think I can handle it by not purging so don't eat. And I will offer to be the driver so then I wont consume alcohol calories.

My plan
laundry today
Shower and flatten my hair
Pedicure with Kat
Workout 500 calories
Lots of water today and coffee
and No Purging!

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