Saturday, December 27, 2008

Starbucks for thought

I use to work for starbucks. Love coffee, love love love it! Here is some calorie info for those whom it interests.

sugarfree flavoring- 0 cals
Americano- tall 5 cals, grande/venti 15 cals
Cappuccino- tall with nonfat is 80 cals, grande 130.
Latte- tall with nonfat is 120 cals
Drip- basically calorie free

1/4c nonfat milk is 20-25 cals, 1 tbs of nonfat is roughly 15 calories
Splenda- zero cals and no Aspartame, so no cancer!

I typically get either a drip in a venti or grande americano with nonfat foam on top and sugarfree cinnamon dolce added to it. Yum! And under 50 calories! Caffeine is also an appetite suppressant

And heres my bit on milk. Get it, yes it is calories but at most 1 cup of nonfat, or 8oz of nonfat is 90 calories but think of all the calcium you're body is getting, and there is protein in milk. So get it, nonfat, reek the benefits of milk with out the extra fat.  And you will be more satisfied and less likely to binge later or fall in to temptations. 


  1. If you're worried about calcium, eat broccoli!

    true story... Ha sorry I'm partial to non-milk beverages as I'm mildly lactose intolerant... but really broccoli has more and easier to absorb calcium than milk. The milk industry just brainwashed everyone with those Got Milk? ads

    xo Hana

  2. Thank you for the post! I do soy milk myself, but I definitely don't mind the few calories because black coffee is gross (to me at least). Do you know how many calories a green tea lemonade would be if it's unsweetened? Because on the website they list nutritional information but I'm thinking it is for the drink with added sugar.

  3. Anything with no classic syrup added has significantly less calories and sugar. And if you have only one scoop of the green tea powder. I dont know the calories as of this time, but I will find out!

    And yes.. power to broccoli. I have a website devoted to it for elementary kids! But it does lack protein, the one flaw.