Thursday, December 11, 2008

PLan of Action

So I came to thinking. If I want to be successfully, I need a plan of attack for tomorrow. And then I can check in and see how i did.


4am: wake up, weigh self, get dressed, and drive to practice
coffee only
1/2c yogurt lowfat and 3 prunes
5am-8:30am: Rowing practice
16oz water
9am-10:15am YMCA for a workout. Burn 700calories
water water water!
4oz skim milk, 1c frozen berries, 3tbs protein powder, 1/2c yogurt lowfat
11am-2:45pm: shower, actually do my hair down, nap for a bit, lots of stretching, laundry
2:30-2:45pm: apple
2:45pm: drive to Moore Center for weight check and meeting
20oz coffee or Americana
4pm-6pm: In group at Moore Center
6:45pm: Arrive home for a light dinner and blog check in
leftover chicken-1 breast with marinade soysauce and red curry paste baked
salad with fat free dressing
Water with Mirolax

Calories Burned- 700
Calories Intake- Between 900-1000

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