Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hello to all who read, and please keep reading!

I am blogging about my weight loss journey to 94lbs. Oh goodness to be there, I can not wait. I do struggle with an eating disorder, just so you know that I know. I do know, but am not fully convinced about recovery in the terms others have set up for me. I have been in the hospital inpatient program twice. I currently live at home with my parents, but that soon changes because I am attending college again to finish my degree next quarter. The quarter begins on Jan 5th and I am ecstatic. More so just to be out of the folks house. They watch me like hawks and I cant take it anymore. I am getting my freedom back. And let the dieting begin....

A friend advised me to hold off on losing weight till I get to school. I can agree to an extent but I can not go back to school at the weight that I am at. The bingeing and purging I do need to get a hold of and cease. That behavior needs to be extinguished and fast. So a lot of the blogging I do will be on that process. 

So heres my weight loss time line and plan.

Current weight 123lbs
Goal weight: 94lbs by june 2009 or sooner!
Lose 7lbs a month and I could be at that weight by April

January 3rd: goal- 119lbs
February: goal- 111lbs
March: goal- 100lbs
April: goal- under 100lbs

I have been logging food and excerise on NutriMirror for the last 5 days and it has helped a lot. I am going to try and stick with that through december. I am hoping that by seeing what I am eating and burning, I wont have to purge or binge. And I can grasp what nutrients I am lacking or if I need more fat or protein in my diet.

I have to say though, being in the parents house is not compatible with dieting so I will have to do the best I can.

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