Thursday, March 26, 2009

I sleep to aviod is that bad
I also binge to avoid.. but I know thats bad

humm.... drinking, music, and alcohoal sound really appealing tonight.

my thearpy appt went amazing well. I think I might appease her advice. Her building is nice enough, and four floors or stairs! have to love that!

110-111lbs this am

drink 60cals of unsweetened almond milk
5 prunes
2 ranger cookies 180cals

... and cals absorbed from bingeing and purging, who knows


  1. it's a very low cal day for me today, so I purposefully slept late, and took a long nap.

    Glad therapy went well!!!! That's always the best when that happens :)

  2. Hey hun....
    I haven't been posting in people's blogs for a long time. Or reading...
    Glad therapy looks...positive..
    Gawd, you're my height and already at my goal weight.
    Wouldn't have been my goal weight when I was anorexic, but nowadays 112 looks fabulous lol...
    Take care!

  3. Nah sleep is good for you!