Saturday, March 28, 2009

i need to think, think really hard about the upcoming weeks, what I want from life and what to do about work. But I hate making decisions. I just timid about those things. And I want to please everyone.

I need to work to pay off my binges
But at work as a caregiver it invites ED behaviors.
It pays ok, and if I go full time and work as house manager I will make more money. ANd make benefits. ANd its really flexible when I want time off.

I think I will take the fundamentals class. I want to be in bellingham over the summer. And if I work weekends through the remainder of the school I will be able to afford bills. And come summer I can make changes to my work hours. So I will do my normal for april and then work fridays and sundays in May, have the first two weeks in June fridays only. Then summer break.
for summer: full time
Monday- eve 3-11pm
Tues- off
W- day 7-3pm
Thurs- day 7-3pm
Fri- day 7-3pm
Sat- off
Sunday- eve 3-11pm

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