Wednesday, March 25, 2009

summer time for skirts and flirts

I broke out my old summer dresses and skirts. Tried them all on. And I mean all of them. I love them. I adore dresses. At heart, I am a girlie girl. And I am pleased to report that some are HUGE on me, and others fit just right. I fit into something I thought I would never fit into. I started to miss some of my old skinny skinny clothes I gave away when I got back from treatment... back in the mindset of "il never fit into this again now that Im chubby and so so recovered", but have the fun is buying new clothes, or heck I shop consignment but they are still new clothes to moi.  Now all I need are handsome fellows to flirt with, and the warmer weather to sprout!

goodnight, sweet dreams, good thoughts to all


  1. its always exciting to fit into smaller clothes, or to have old clothe be too big :)

  2. I LOVE trying on clothes, I wish there was a job that involved trying on stuff, I would be so good at it!!