Tuesday, March 24, 2009

update, then driving to my folks for the night

still 111lbs,

granted I havent been awake much, but so far 0 calories ingested. I slept in quite a bit after staying awake till 2am engaging in unhealthy behaviors. I think I will do just fine today. As stressful as it is to visit my parents at their house in Mukilteo, WA, my "hometown" for the last 11 years (I moved to WA in 6th grade, dads in the Navy), I can make it a safe trip. Safe trip meaning purge free. And binge free. Both amazing feats if I can pull it off. My attitude for this trip is such, to be a good girl and dont do anything stupid that I will regret in my own parents house. They know about it. But I need to utilize this opportunity to make them think everything is a ok, or at least manageable, and that I dont need them to be worrying about me. I cant jeapordize college, so I have to have them think I am doing alright.

I have been wasting time around my house by cleaning. I think I will hit the gym for 30mins, burn 300cals, before hitting the road. I never know how many cals Ill have to eat at home so I must prepare myself.

I do need to get going, I have to finish my board project, at least assembly it. Art projects are entertaining, but so time consuming!

And update on the boy scene, Nick and I are planning for another date this thursday, I call him when I get back into town. And I think he and I are going to spend all monday together on the mountain skiing and boarding! eek! Yay! gosh... he is soooo handsome! Irish with a tint of auburn hair to his gorgeous eyes, and rocking body. he is just so yummy! Owns his own house, throws amazing parties and events, has tons of friends with real jobs, and he works local in town and has a great outlook on life. And hes 29! 6 yrs older then me, the way I like it!... and in the bed department.... heyhana.. this is for you-  me= speechless.


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