Wednesday, March 25, 2009

weighed self on mom scale, 110lbs... lets make it 105 next time I visit on her scale!

the sun was shining all afternoon, and its 53 out. I did a light heartfelt job around my hometown for around 45mins, and I am all smiles. It feels good to wake up and accomplish something. I have a free pedicure coupon, and gosh, I think im in a good enough mood to go out and use it. Pink I think shall be my toes, all polish to wear sandals to my date tomorrow night, and maybe Ill rock a shirt and my sexy legs! lol

I even vacuumed out my car. And said nice things to my sister. See want all the running and sunshine high does to me.

I did a mini binge, and a purge, but the running lifted my spirits. 

ate a very heavy lettuce, but light salad to appease my mother, and it actually tasty really good with my 10cal spritzer dressing. I put salmon on it. I LOVE salmon

Ok, if I am getting my nails done, then I need to get in the shower and split. Must make the 90 minute drive back to college town.