Friday, March 20, 2009

today so far is a much better day then yesterday
I skipped the therapy appt... opps to sleeping in, but I went to coffee with the prof, and gave her one of my scales in exchange for her paying half of the registration for for an educational event coming up. I did sorta agree to not go under 110lbs, but well see...... I'm still planning on losing weight, she just doesn't need to be in the know how.

I weighed in at 112lbs this am

going to work in a bit, and my sister leaves today homebound. I work all weekend, so Ill visit my parents later in the week, tuesday or wednesday

I think I am going to quit work or at least ask for different hours for next spring quarter. It also is just really hard to control my bingeing and purging there. I enjoy it enough, just yea. Or at least ask for day shift during the summer. I am hoping to be house manager during summer, make a little more money per hour. 

ok... my stomach is really hurting, fuck laxatives

Goal today is to keep intake under 500calories:

2c bean sprouts
4 large white mushrooms
2c chopped broccoli
1 carrot
6c shredded ice berg lettuce
2c spinach leaves
10 sprays of dressing spritzer
1/2c with peel cucumber
3 shots of espresso
6c brewed coffee black
medium apple with peel
= 378 so far

whoa_ its pay day!!!!


  1. Sounds like your doing well, wish I had that motivation and willpower.


  2. You seem like a mess. So am I. If I can just not binge tonight. If I could just go to bed right now without eating any food. What a nightmare tonight was. If only I could have some comfort. Food is not the answer. I will not eat anything tonight. At least not tonight. Reading your blog has helped a lot. Going to a therapist wouldn't be the worst thing...You might consider it..