Sunday, March 1, 2009

update 113.3lbs

Im back at that number again.... oh gosh darn it.!

im sick too, fever, cold, stuffy and achy, the works. So I took my shift of from work. I feel so guilty, but I needed to do it. I have finals coming up, and major assignment deadlines, and not to mention I was really starting to break down mentally. I Need this time out from the world. My sister left to go study elsewhere and the house is quiet and to myself. Much needed bliss. 

I need to take care of myself today. Thats my goal.



  1. aww thats sounds no good hun, hope you start feeling better soon. I can relate about the weight too i've been stuck at 113.4 for two weeks now..


  2. Drink lots of liquids to help flush it out of your system.

  3. Get better soon :)

    P.S. So jealous you were at Mardi Gras! My friend brought me back some trophy beads and now I'm itching to go...