Monday, March 16, 2009

i hate looking for therapists.
hate it with a passion
having to do the research, make the awkward phone calls, ask the questions, do they even take my insurance, and then its time for the dooming lingering first meet and greet. 

I promised my teacher, that if I went back into some kind of therapy, I could have an extension on a couple of assignments and a final. Great trade.. but now.. fear is rising. 

110.8 lbs this morning, that was at Noon when I woke up. Havent eaten anything yet and its 1pm, I will have my coffee. Water, shower, get to campus. Maybe work out 45mins, then meet with my teacher at 3pm, then maybe yoga with the same teacher, and then hopefully a date with Nick!

gosh it felt great to sleep in
Nice work ladies who completed the spring break challenge

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  1. ugh. I hate the therapist seeking ritual. Then, if I don't like them, I'm usually too awkward to say anything. Sigh.

    Good luck in your search!