Wednesday, February 18, 2009

you know its a good day when

  1. the scale proudly reads 110.3lbs in the am
  2. your favorite baby squash ready to heat and eat pack is on sale at the grocery store
  3. the kids you teach are improving exponentially on their reading assessments
  4. My boss told me on the phone that I am doing amazing, and everyone at the center where I caregive agrees (pay raise...aye?hopefully..... saturday I will have worked there 1 month.)
  5. an old paycheck from kindercare daycare surfaces for 152.oo usdollars!
  6. I get paid from the Courtyard where I'm a caregiver on friday
  7. I will be debt free after friday
  8. 100% A+ on my research paper with comments like "flawless, excellent, great point, may I share this with the head of the department" are in red ink all over it!!!!
  9. I fit back into my size zero black nice work pants
  10. And I fixed my espresso machine!!!!!!!


  1. That, my sweet, is one hell of a day! congratulations!

    much love,

    Ella xx

  2. That is a good day. Especially point number 8 - I can only dream of having my reserch being shared with the head of department!!

  3. Congratulations! You're rocking life :)

  4. Nice job! Those are all amazing things :)

  5. Wow...your day sounds brilliant. I want to switch lives with

    Forgive me if this gets confusing, but fit a size 0 at 110.3lbs and you are my height....that's awesome.
    I am trying to figure out what the minimum healthy weight might allow me for clothing sizes....
    I know 110 is underweight but I always thought size 0 would require close to emaciation for taller people with wider bone structures. Well, 5'6 isn't terribly tall, but its ....less

    Do you have a narrow bone structure? Do you have a lot of muscle?
    I have a wide bone structure and a muscle substitute called 'Fat!' (but at least that can change unlike bones...)

    Bleh I sound like a sorry...
    I really am curious about others my height because the last time I was underweight I was completely naive as to clothing sizings and measurements and stuff like that.
    So I don't even know what to expect if I was merely thin...haha

    Anyhow...congrats on your good day and I hope you have many more to come!