Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my ED looks for reasons and excuses to binge. He is the blame

thanks for the comments and words of encouragement. I come home from school or work and Im so excited to see if anyone has wrote comments or blogged.

Jenna- yes I do sign

My day turned out to be alright. I started off on the wrong side of, but turned it around. I worked and had a great shift.  I accomplished some major school midterm and homework stressors, and the week is almost over.

maybe ill even wear my hair down
listen to Beautiful you are. I love that song


  1. Ahh.. this is no way to introduce myself, but... you are my height and already at my goal weight. Well, 113 is my roughly.
    I'm actually quite envious. I'll be watching you :P
    But now, I'm also curious if it is easily maintainable and potentially healthy to be at 106. I always see people my height that are thin already, with goals much lower than mine, and start to wonder if I shouldn't be aiming for the same haha...aaah so impressionable in my old age.... that I sound like a creeper....
    Best of luck to you, hope the rest of the school week doesn't do you too much damage and take care!

  2. Good job on the schoolwork, you sound really driven to get your degree.