Tuesday, February 17, 2009

rocking the 112lbs

good day so far. I am on top of my game attitude protrudes. I am starving, but I can hold off eating my salad till after class. Heres my food intake for the day. 500 cals or less
plus spin class tonight burns around 300 calories, and it has weights. My friend Katie is coming over. I am going to do my best to stay purge free today. I have classes, and my food planned out and pre-made, and then Katie will be over so I cant purge. I can do this....

Food intake:

soymilk 140 cals
ice berg lettuce 30 cals
3 cups spinach fresh 20 cals
12 grape tomatoes
2 tbs fat free mango dressing 20 cals
1 medium peeled cucumber 40 cals
1 fat carrot 35 cals
1 large banana 120 cals
8 cups coffee brewed black
2 shots of espresso in the soy milk
canned light salmon 80 cals

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