Wednesday, February 4, 2009

answering comments

I am not deaf, but Cameron is (congenitally) , and deafness runs in my family
btw, a cup = 8oz = 16tbs= 48tsps.... and yes I am that cool to know all that. hope that helps to those/ whom asks

I love and am addicted to coffee that people often feel compelled to comment on it
The first thing I do when I get out of bed , is make my bed. It feels great to accomplish something first thing in the morning

Without the gym, I took 8657 steps, with the gym add another 2600, so total over 11000. My goal is to go at least 10,000 a day.

on the evening, i weighed 112.9 with body fat of 17% according to my scale. lets hope for the same or better reading in the am. My waist is still 24, so close to 23.5 inches, butt around 35inches, hips 31. Im very narrow and then a big wide ass. I hate it. And then I have 17inch thighs. gross. I want my size zero body back. and to be 109lbs

I worked hard on my transcribe of my lesson for reading mastery. I look like a dork, but it sure is interesting to see my flaws and areas of improvement. Also, gives a confidence boost that I am doing somethings right. Its just one bitch of an assignment, excuse my french.

No luck on getting to bed on a descent hour. If only I could stop bingeing. It makes home ten times longer, and sleep later, and all sorts. I just need to stop. I couldn't even go a full half hour at the gym, I got to thinking about stealing to afford bingeing and then bingeing obscured all other thoughts. I went home and my sister wasn't there so I started to cook something healthy and Im not sure what snapped in me, because my intent was not too but I ended up bingeing anyway. Went to starbucks just to get food to binge. lame ass Robin. Lame....

tomorrow is another day


  1. I'm so having a binge day too it happens and it sucks but I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day for you.

    Much Love,
    Ana Nas

  2. Do you sign? I've worked as an interpreter for a deaf girl-- so I sign.

    (Feel better. And yes, tomorrow is another day.)

  3. Yay! You're not preggers!

    and as for your measurements... my GOAL is a 24 inch waist! oh shit I'm in class g2g

  4. wow your measurements are so little.

  5. haha can't edit 'cuz of the approval thing, just wanted to add that I'm going to measure myself and think about how much fatter I am then you and hopefully that will make me work out more later :)