Saturday, February 7, 2009

111.7 where did that come from?

Hi all. Gooooooood Morning. It stopped raining! And the sun is back, briefly for today only, but what a glorious sunshine it is. Its freezing cold though, and not just me. It is literally 32 degrees, or 0, outside. BRRR. Last night after work I had to deice and scrape my car.

seriously, 111.7lbs this morning. Holy moly and I pepped. I hope it stays. Its just what I needed to, to get my gears in motion this morning. I slept in way to late, but now I dont care. I have to work again, and again tomorrow, and again on Wednesday, so my head is overloaded with all the stuff and assignments and prep work I have to do. At least now at practicum, the script is more naturally, I have done it so many times I dont have to practice as much. 

ummm... coffee
and ummmm broccoli
and ummmm oatmeal with blueberries!
Thats what I am eating today, more specifically

8c coffee
3/4c soy milk
4c raw broccoli, but then I cooked it
1/2c dry oatmeal
1/4c unsweetened blueberries
tbs what germ
tbs nutritional yeast

not a whole lot of calories, but lets hope I dont cave into the food munching temptations at work and stay on the low calorie side.

My sister, god love her to death, but.... last night I came home from work and see was drunk, and her guy friend andrew was over. This morning, I wake up to her making pancakes with Steve.... I am so confused. lol

ok, I need to get to doing something productive other than blogger.
Have a great day lovelies! 


  1. Congrats on being low today.You are actually inspiring to me, when i read what you eat throughout the day it gives me new ideas and even more low calorie options, thanks!


  2. Congrats on the loss! Don't you love it when you get a lovely surprise like that?

  3. god we really are alot alike.

    i was 111.somethin this morning too... i use soy cream as well, what kind do you get?

    i was using silk creamer for a while, but then switched to unsweetened almond milk cause it's like 40 cals a cup, so i think what i put in my coffee was about 5 cals... whereas with the other it was probably 40 each time and sweetened.

  4. Haha that thing about your sister made me giggle. Hey congrats on the scale this morning!

  5. congrats on your progress! I am absolutely envious, that would be a fantastic number to see on the scale...
    And you're sooo incredibly close to your March 1 goal too....seriously, those last 6ish pounds ought to be a breeze right? Well maybe not, but you have the rest of the month for only those few and I would guess it seems attainable by the way you're going!
    Congrats, again, and I hope your day finished off successfully as well!

  6. p.s. thanks for fixing your comment thing, I haven't had any problems lately :]

  7. Hehe it was 32 degrees in my State the arctic tundra of Minnesota today. Instead of saying brr we were all walking around outside in t-shirts without coats on. Normally it's still like 9 below in the the Twin Cities in February. Ah it's so sad I live in a place where even having a temperature above zero in the winter is considered nice weather.

    Ah and your sister she's just lady pimping....I miss those days. Good job with the calories yesterday.

    Much Love,
    Ana Nas