Monday, February 9, 2009

goals for the week

Starting weight: 112.2lbs today, ending on Sunday (hopefully at 110.5lbs)
1) 6oo calories or less each day
2) 3 spin classes for an hour each (Mon, Tues, Thursday)
3) 2 ab lab classes ( Mon, Thursday)

days going well so far
heres my intake plan

1/3c hot bran cereal (150cals)
tbs nutritional yeast (30cals)
tbs wheat germ (25cals)
1/2c nonfat milk (40cals)
Myroplex low carb protein shake (150cals)
1 1/2tbs soy protein (50cals)
11oz carrot juice (100cals)
gum sugarfree (10cals)

do you ever find yourself savoring every morsel that goes into you mouth? I just licked my cereal bowl! haha. My day is going well so far. No drama. No fuss. Kids did well at practicum, and I already have my prep work done, other then reviewing the lesson I am going to teach to tomorrow, but I can do that in the am. I have a writing conference with the professor that knows about my eating disorder. Lets hope she keeps it to the writing, or classes, and doesn't want to "check in" on me.  back to class and studying I go, oh hi ho!

Be safe, be well, find a giggle today... or better yet, have any good jokes?
- Robin

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  1. In respsonse to your question yes I do, its take me 1/2 hour or longer to eat a sandwich or cup of soup, as i eat slowly to savour the taste and the fact I am eating. Good Luck for the rest of the week!!