Monday, February 9, 2009

response to comment on plateuing

in response to plateuing...... things to consider
  • weight weighs more then muscle
  • sodium can really fuck with the scale
  • water weight
  • and our body can shift up to 2lbs a day in water weight
  • weigh at the same time each day for better accuracy
  • DONT panic, re assess. Are you really restricting as much as you think? You have to burn or restrict 3500 calories to lose a lb. 
  • You have to take into account how much you body burns, runs, on just to exist. Thats your basal metabolic rate. Lets say that 1500 calories a day. You have to eliminate on top of that 3500 calories for 1 lb lose. 
  • Are bodies adapt so mix up it. Restrict for a day, eat normally, restrict for two, eat normally. Through in a higher intensity workout every often, then maybe a long stable workout, or workouts with short bursts of high intensity in intervals (for example, every ten minutes on the Xcrosser I raise the resistance 3 knots)


  1. Thanks for this, it actually helped.

  2. Thanks for the feedback on plateaus. I think my metabolism may be shutting down and that I am replacing fat with muscle, like you said. I'm definitely under 1000 calories daily, no matter how bad my math is, and I'm dizzy and shaky. It's getting harder to work out. My pants are getting bigger and bigger, but the number on the scale won't budge. I guess I just need to be patient. What I really need is to get rid of this ED and move on with my life. Good luck to you; maybe you can accomplish that.

  3. Sorry I haven't been posting with a name; I'm kind of a chicken that I'll get "found out" by someone. How do you stop a binge when you feel one coming on? I realize that I'm plateauing because I am bingeing, and no amount of exercise can counteract it. The urge is overpowering, especially when I get really stressed and anxious. YOu seem to be doing really well controlling it. Thanks.