Saturday, September 19, 2009

whheeee we... weighed in at 111lbs this morning

rehearsal dinner for my brothers wedding is over and done with. And I am back in my bed pretty much safe and sound except for a low grade hunger pain. I know I should have eaten more but was just so darn nervous and it didnt help my case that there were 50 people in my house, most of which are my extended family. I had a blast dont get me wrong, just not the best eating day for me. I had a tall nonfat wet cappuccino this am, 3/4 of a homemade boost shake packed with protein and fiber, lots of diet coke, 3 glasses small of red wine, 3oz of salmon grilled with grilled veggies, and some salad with apple balsamic dressing, and a tiny cut slice of baguette bread... i feel more of my total day calories came from the wine. But it helped take the edge of a little. I made it through though. Without eating a cupcake or nuts. AND NO PURGE. I had strong urges to do so, but i kept them at bay. I am so determined to make it through the weekend without purging.

Now one day down, the wedding is tomorrow, and I have no idea about the food part. I think I can manage. mentally, my restricting today will help me not feel so guilty about eating, and we shall see much I weigh in the am. lol no bm today so I have the number is the same 111 or lower. im praying that its lower but then at the same time, the healthy side of me recognizes I shouldnt be thinking this way.

Before I sleep, it must be sad that my siblings and parents have been amazing so far. Same with the cousin and my aunts. OK, night everyone

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