Saturday, August 1, 2009

so I am two into treatment. what a rush. I am struggling daily witht he food and thoughts and purging and my weight. But the people and staff are really nice and accomadting. Binging is the lest frim my mind hence its lack there of in a place like this. We eat constatnly, and I am still compelling to try to get away frim hdiing food therefroe trying to escape from calories. Just eating my meal plan in 30mins is a meal to meal struggle. But much improved since last wekk, actually since day one. They have me watched a lot, for my own good. But sinec I havent had any BM action since arrival, afterprune juice and mirolax they went stright to a laxative magniesum suflate. yikes. just waiting for it to kick in now.....

peace out you peeps you friends

wish me weight loss with the lax

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