Wednesday, July 29, 2009

long over due update

hey everyone

just letting you know I went into inpatient treat 14 days ago, hence the lack of input and posting. I am still alive and well, well.... doing the best I can to managage and cope with what life has handed me right now. This sucks, they had me on a hold for awhile, and now that I an=m volunteary again, I want to sliplt so bad. There is only so much food and thearpy a person can handle.

I have to tell my theaprist something. I fell I ought to but I think they might put on watch again. DO you know how hard it is to admit you have sucidal thoughts? Can anyone realte? OR how to tell someone? YEa....

so i figured out I can get on this site without the interenet blockage I will check back tomorrow or a few days. Hope all is well. By the way my weight is 105lbs! and tye are making me drink suplements... gross and way too fattening.. at leat I am not stealing or binging.... thank goodness for that

night ladies
be welll yourselves.


  1. good to hear from you. good luck with treatment.

  2. glad you are doing well.

    Yes, I've had thoughts about suicide. Dying kind of intrigues me, I just can't go so far to do it to myself cuz I feel like I'll get punished for it and I'll get dealt a lesser hand in my spirits next journey to Earth. (Like a poor, weak, ugly, fat person that gets abused or something)

    I dunno. Sounds like crazy talk, I'm sure. I thought about deleting but...whatever, it's true-crazy or not-it's what I think.