Tuesday, August 11, 2009

she saw a mark

at snack we have to roll up ourselves, the snack monitor saw the mark I did to myself on the arm, I am freaking out. I was panicky when i did the scat ch in the first place, now I cant stop twitching even more. And my meal plan is all different. I have to do butter! and health shakes at least instead of an ensure plus. a whopping 50 cals extra. i weighed 110lbs today though my dietatican says she has no idea how much i really weigh. I am terriefeed of weighing that much for real. They weigh me three times a day now. And I promised not to weight myself don or anything

at least I have yoga to look forward too tomorrow


  1. Yoga! How cool!

    Wishin you happiness Chick ;-)

  2. I feel very proud of you for seeking treatment in the first place-- you are so strong, brave, everything. I've been looking back on your blog-- you have been blogging for a while, which is super cool-- and you are an amazing writer. It interests me greatly.

    I wish you ALL the best and I hope things are going well for you. You are amazing.

    I hope yoga is fun-- jealous!! :P