Sunday, August 2, 2009

sorry for the last post, I was writing too fast. I have been in treatment offically for two weeks and two days, when an unknown discharge date.

I am feeling well today, though I am cheating the system, Iplayed sick so tha I could be in another unit whereit was easier to purge. And I purged, and at brekfast I didt eat part of my muffin and got a smaller portion of oatmeal. At lunch I chewed and spit most of my sandwaich. I still need to pce more nad burn more calories. fst..... ok.. next meal...


  1. Hey sweetie, I've just gotten caught up on your blog. Sorry I'd been away.

    I hope you're coping ok and feel some kind of support. You know I'll give you my support in which ever way you need it.

    I also hope the suicidal thoughts are better. I'm having ups and downs with them right now as well, and those are seriously the hardest things to admit to another person, especially someone in charge of your treatment.

    All my love <333

  2. Wow, you seem to be taking treatment pretty lightly. Won't not gaining weight keep you in there?

    Scary. I hate hospitals.



  3. It shows how ill you are that you don't even care about being hospitalized, but that you still care more about food/weight than anything. What is more disturbing? Being in a mental health unit or what you are for lunch? Normal people would say the mental hospital is a little more concerning. Your perspective is really messed up. I hope you can realize this and recover, because you are a beautiful girl inside and out!