Monday, August 24, 2009

its my birthday, im intreatment, buts its my BBBIIIRRRTTTHHHDAY. whoooo we at bh chillzze. I am doing ok, hanging in there. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. Made me have a tredmous day. My phone kept buzzzing. One must love that facebook annouces it to everyone( my mom didint even call, just facebooked walled me mama loves you, happy bday!) But none the less, I am a happy young women on her 23rd. DO I feel different, heck no, But do I feel empowered, yes.... am I still going to purge tonight yes, but i freaking hate all the ensure plus calories. It was there fult to begin with. I was called out of lunch and they didnt save me my plate and my phone call meeting took foever so at snacks and dinner I had to add supplements to make up for my missed lunch. But all is well. Im am ok. And I am safe. Who knows where my mind is today I never got my ADD meds. OPPS on their fault too. Stupid phramacy never delviered and the whole unit was out. Therpy went well this am, but I have to go back to my slepping unit. I hear the jingle of the keys.. later


  1. happy belated birthday!

  2. By the way. Happy Birthday. I've read your enitre back log of blogs so yeah... i guess i have some idea of you now. Do you find that being in treatment gives you a feeling of like, a free pass to be a bit crazier because you're in that environment?