Monday, October 26, 2009

In response to a requst from an aunt to come live/visit after treatment and or during treatment:

I am more then ever ready to come, finances wise not. I have been living on my parents income this whole treatment "chaos blessing" since July. If I was able to fly out I could do so the day before Thanksgiving and fly back either Sunday or Saturday afternoon. I leave impatient on the 13th, back to partial in San Diego (where I was before), and then home for the holidays and begin school in January. I would love to come out there for Thanksgiving, just need to find some funding to do so.

And for a little update:I am doing really well. I am in my weight range and going on passes and exposure outings. I have an understand of how many calories I need to function, and a better belief system over eating on a meal plan, and have gained a batter grasp on how much I don’t need the eating disorder in my life anymore. All good things. The staff are respectful and knowledgeable, and I am enjoying my privileges and recreational therapy (I am allowed to run 30mins twice a week). My favorite part is arts and crafts when I sculpt things from clay.


  1. pleased to meet you

    come pay a visit some time

  2. I've really missed reading your updates, best wishes to you <3 hope you're doing great!