Monday, October 5, 2009


I was accepted to give a presentation at the CEC conference in Nashville Tennessee next spring break!!!!!! This is an amazing feat considering I am still an undergrad! Not many get accepted. I am so freaking excited... if you cant tell.

On to other things, weight. 108.7. This I am ok with. I ate my little granola soy milk with half a banana breakfast with the coffee and water with no problem this morning. Breakfast is usually my easiest of meals. My meals are 450cals each and snacks (which I have twice a day) are 150 calories. I try not to think about it too much, not to dwell on it but thats my reality. Out of the hospital I was eating around 300 calories and purging the rest. Since I have been at UCLA I have not purged, and only had the urge and thought maybe twice. I get to pick what I eat, but I have to get the caloric amount I have been set to by the dietitian. The dietitian has been at UCLA for 30 years. Today I am going to ask my therapist about getting recreational therapy approved. From what I have been told by another patient, during rec therapy i can lift weights go for walks or a short run. Who knows really but anything outside of my unit walls is fantastic. Just this little break I am having now helps, simply writing and emailing or playing a game of online tetris gives me some relief and a little smile.

AWW sweet. the nurse just brought me my nicatine gum. I love that stuff. I never really smoked a bunch, just a little for about 5 months and then I discoverd the gum and I love it more then the cigs! I think I am addicted to the gum now. lol.

signing off- the gleeful robs

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