Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sigh oh a big sigh indeed. Today breakfast went alright. I got to stretch and lift weights before hand. And napped for a bit after breakfast which I woke from real rested. To come to lunch... dieaster. I spit some of my salmon into my cup and ti was found out. I drank the replacement but then purged. So then I had to drink more supplement which I only drank half. It had been one hell of a day, a long day. I isolated because I was embarrassed. Took a second nap. So then and 3:30pm snack and dinner runs around and I have to eat by myself with a staff in my room!

oh geez what a day


  1. thank you so much for sharing your experiences as an inpatient. so personal, and so amazing to read.
    with much love and support, kk

  2. Stay strong... You are inspiring and I admire your zest for life and your will to get better.

    You CAN do it, you will :)