Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am out of the hospital! I was discharged from UCLA yesterday. I have moved back into my sober living house in La Jolla and attend a day treatment program monday thru friday. It feels really good to be out of inpatient. I have a better head on my shoulders and a more confidence about myself. So far so good. Last purge was on Oct. 29th, last binge sept 29th, and I have restored around 8lbs. Seriously I feel great. I just have to convince my new program that I can be trusted to follow my meal plan and show them how well I am doing. I was invited to my aunts for thanksgiving (a week from today is when I leave on the trip). In order for me to go, I want my new treatment team to approve of my going. So, the task at hand is to stay on track, and keep moving forward in my recovery. Wish me luck


  1. Good luck good luck good luck. I hope you can stay with your more positive state of mind too. Follow the plan and learn to enjoy life again.

  2. Way to go! Your blog is so inspiring.