Wednesday, May 27, 2009

there's a time to laugh, time to cry, time to live...

therapy actually helped this morning. wow, what a shocker. ha. Usually after therapy sessions I feel crappier and end up bingeing and purging. But alas.. not so far. I have been tempted but have denied my self.

ive eaten less then 200 calories, but beer will add the rest for the evening. i walked outside a lot today. I am in an acutely good mood. AGain... shocker!

reggae night. here I come


  1. Glad to hear your doing good hun!
    Maybe therapy is finally getting somewhere...hope it stays that way, i dont like it when your down.
    Congrats on the low cals so far!


  2. beer is okay. i know i has massice cals bu when im drunk i always lose like 4 lbs :)
    200 cals is gooood!