Saturday, May 2, 2009

My coffee date went well. I could bring myself to weigh in this morning, I just want to have a good day. My professor whom I have coffee with paid me a comment that I looked really good today, that I look rested, but I think its because I didn't have how much I weighed on my mind. So kudos for me for not stepping on that scale. Sleep also does play a favor in how rested I look, and thank goodness my sister roommate came home because I could spend all wee hours bingeing and purging, and I did sleep! I love sleep. 

Sleep is wonderful. And I left my apartment at ten am and am down on Woods studying, after walking through the Farmers Market (wonderful thing my town has every summer, its just amazing, the produce, the stuff, the smells, just wonderful and its all local families and businesses). LIke I said, my coffee chat with the professor was good, light hearted and causal, not the serious ones she and I have exchanged. My sister wants the car at Noon. 

My goal is to make it to 7pm today with out eating. BEcause eating for me turns into bingeing and purging, so maybe my goal should be refrain from bping until 7pm. Why 7pm? I am just trying to control and contain it. At that time at work 7pm should be keeping me busy. If I am struggling I can take a break ad walk around outside or call a couple friends.  Its really tempting right now to go and bp.... am I procrastinating? hungry? anxious? humm... thirsty? habit? 

ps to the questions about laxatives: people can get addicted to them because they work fast in terms of altering a number on the scale. Its a "quick fix" but you are right in the beleif that they arent really doig anything other then removing already coloricaly waste. Taking laxatives does not help losing weight, however, having a good gi tract and digestive system, healthy colon that equals good body and potentially weight loss. try probiotics! 

stay safe,

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