Tuesday, May 12, 2009

rain rain go AWAY

.... I was suppose to go running outdoors today

instead, and I am only stating this for accountability reasons/purpose. i binged and purged at least three times day. The most recent event= one pizza, one side of cheesy bread, and one side of dessert sticks (but most was chew and spit) $20.00 down the drain. 

at least I got my lesson planning out of the way, and its only 2:21am! last night I was purging up until 3am... so much for normal sleeping. I think I banked too much sleep over the weekend and now I am back to my crazy ways.

Tomorrow shouldnt be as stressing as today. Goal= no calories at all! just water, and coffee and calorie free drinks. And I need a 30 minute workout cardio at gym.


  1. I feel you about throwing money down the drain. I must have spent like 50 bucks over the weekend on pizza and Jimmy John's. I was celebrating with my 'green' friend over the weekend and I can't say no to the muchies....ARG!!!!

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  3. you know what i just thought of?
    who on earth would drink a coke when they could drink a diet coke and save themselves like...what...150 calories?
    theres a million fucking calorie free drinks out there...
    people are so fucking stupid.