Saturday, May 2, 2009

i freaking hate having a period. I cry the day before or a couple of days prior and at the time I cant figure out why Im so irritable, breakout zits! hate them, and worse my weight jumps up. freakkkkka.... 115lbs! what the hell is that. I am freaked this morning, but tonight I got what I think is the beginning of a period which is good meaning Im not pregnant and good in that could explain the weight jump. I did have a couple bad days of blow out binge and purge and I don't really want to face the damage it did to my weight loss accomplishments. 

I did manage to run this afternoon for 3 miles in the sun on the track, and walked on the tread while reading articles so my total work out time around 50mins. I didn't eat anything from 3am- 4pm, almost 13. 3am was when I went to bed, woke at 7:30am and stayed on campus till work, and work was where the damage happened.

I walked in to pizza boxes and an entire plate of fresh strawberry crumb coffee cake... seriously, try not to binge on that, and my whole work is an abundance of food bound for the garbage. Not the best place to be when you are trying to quit purging and try to embrace fasting.

Maybe tomorrow will be better... goal... no food till 7pm, only water and coke zero, and coffee, and splashes of almond milk.


  1. oh sweetie I'm the same. My period turns me into a bingey nightmare and a fat one at that. Just remember that a couple of those pounds will just drop right off when your period comes, I couldnt get that into my head yesterday while shovelling pasta into my mouth and then the toilet but my scale reminded me this morning.
    Restricting not purging - its the high road thats so hard to take but we can do it!

  2. I have to say I am one lucky cat...I don't get my period...haven't in 3 years. THANKS YOU DEPO SHOT! I don't plan on having any kids so I don't care if my reproductive system is jacked up...whatevs. I do feel bad for you ladies tho! Hope you feel better! You can do it!