Sunday, May 10, 2009

still rocking the 110lbs! hallelujah. Sleep has been a blessing, and I honestly think I can contribute my weight loss recently, or at least the maintaining part, due to the amount of sleep I am getting. I AM ACTUALLY sleeping, during hours typical people sleep. It is wonderful. I slept in yesterday, and today as well. My school course work simmered down for the weekend, and it will revup again starting tomorrow so I am thankful that I did take advantage for the sun, friends, drinking, and sleeping over the past two days. And i am still 110lbs, so it is easier to forgive myself for the calories and/or lack of hard core workouts, and the bping.

I do work with the residents later today, I am hoping just the short shift. Calling right now and checking as I speak. I just want to have a good non bping day and it is really hard to do that at work. Food is jut freaking everywhere, and in abundance just screaming. shit... they need a full person, eh, what's the extra couple of hours of pay... but I kind of wanted to go and see Nick tonight.. giggles, yay for boys. Who knows though. He needs to call first, and he might not even be back on time tonight as he had originally planned. 

ok, wash my face, take the pills, run, come back home for coffee and cabbage salad maybe, do some homework, pack for work and take the bus out to work. I can be safe food-wise till work. And that will be an accomplishment in itself

oh yea... add- call mom and grandma. Happy mothers days!


  1. Stay strong babe <3

  2. a planned day always works out well for me. stay strong. 110 is fabulous