Sunday, May 31, 2009

my head is spinning, and needs massive clearing. I am finding it hard however to break from the computer and my overwhelming tasks. So much to do before the quarter ends. I am glad I stayed up late last night (4am) working on academics, but still.. the quarter needs to shoot its self, and be over with. 

my apartment is clean at least

weight= freak a, thats all that needs to be said

its interesting how I can be so productive, but I need the Bp to get my shit done.

My bike is at the shop, getting all tuned up and ridable again, and purdy... I love this bike. Expensive after new tires and the tuning, but worth it. I can get myself around town and burn calories, and be outdoors. I am hoping that self limiting car access will help decrease spending, stealing, and ultimately help curb the bping. 

summer, here you go.. just need to get those abs and flabby arms, and in shape.. maybe I will hit the trail and go on a long run today. I need a massive calorie burn after yesterday and the evening. I keep praying my weight is up because my periods might be coming, but I cant remember when I am suppose to expect my period. 

water sounds really yummy right now. Ok, back to finishing my final senior powerpoint presentation. fuck... i just work better shoveling food in my mouth... why is this?

later hamsters

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